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Roostat is a unique search term base.
Roostat is a unique base with over 620 million Runet search terms.
Roostat is available for any programming language — start using it right away! Our platform combines the widest range of opportunities with ease of integration.
By means of Roostat you can:
  • Create an effective semantic core for any website with regard to the topic.
  • Select the whole possible range of search terms for a key phrase in all morphological forms with up-to-date parameters.
  • Choose the most frequently used phrases from the semantic core taking into account morphology and word order.
  • Use the functional of parameter specification that will allow you to update the information on budgets, traffic, geodependence, topic for any search term.
  • Determine the phrases that are most suitable for promotion on a particular page.
  • Access to monthly updated base of search terms.
  • Quickly integrate the Roostat functional into our software packages.
  • Develop your unique product on the basis of our platform.
  • Become our favorite customer :).
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Our favorite customers
Николай Никитин
«We like that they provide an excellent customer service. Make prompt modifications according to our wishes»
Nikolai Nikitin
Виктор Нагайцев
«When choosing the service, I proceeded from the economic efficiency which is so important for the industry in these hard times. It is more profitable than buying several servers and employ additional programmers. There are no complaints regarding the quality. Everything works rather quickly.
I recommend it!»
Victor Nagaytsev
Сергей Цыплаков
«We’ve been cooperating with the service for a long time. Over this long period we’ve built not only good professional, but also warm friendly relationships. What we like about Roostat is promptness of the service and quality support. Usability is the main criterion for us to assess our work. Therefore I believe that integration into Mainlink was a great idea. Keep it up!»
Sergey Tsyplakov